About us

The One and Only Black Forest Rednecks

Kyler are located in the Black Forest in the south of Germany.
Here we have lots of wild boars, mountains, lakes and pretty girls wearing silly hats and there are at least as many idiots as anywhere else. The region is not famous for metal though, which is astonishing because the regional culture and the mentality of the people offer best possible prerequisites.
Here metal must sound rough! Brutal and powerful…however also beautiful, passionate and catchy; in other words, it should be a musical reflection of the landscape, the weather or the people’s sense of humour. To get the heart of it: It must sound authentic. Independent!
And this is exactly the sound of Kyler.

The band was founded in 2006 first called „Past All Hope“. In February 2009 they produced a demo called “Sex, Booze & Metal“ by themselves which mainly received good reviews.
After several gigs in the south of Germany and in Switzerland the band was renamed Kyler 2011 in order to get closer to the actual sound of the band which is somewhere between groove/thrash metal and southern rock.
Having a new name and good songs Kyler went to Iguana studio in Freiburg in December 2011 to produce their debut album “Swagger”which might have been awaited by the rest of the world.

Humour, technical skills and above all the right „feeling“ Kyler grants great entertainment. Due to this Kyler has continuously ranked high on line-ups and are frequently booked as headliners for small festivals and concerts. Moreover Kyler has always been happy to support shows featuring bands as for example Agnostic Front, Ektomorf, Crushing Caspars, Undertow, Grantig, etc.

Ralf Thomas – Guitar
Marco Schulz – Vocals and Guitar
Mario Schneider – Bass
Andreas Biedermann – Drums

2009 – Sex, Booze & Metal (Demo)
2012 – Swagger (7hard records)
2018 – The Inner Pain (7hard records)